Where we are

We enjoy a genuine natural setting: the Sierra da Groba, with forests of pine and eucalyptus and its river which is named. This has been maintained in memory of the Celtic people who settled in it (between the year 600 BC-476 ad). The bottom of the Valley, are a few ponds, where you can enjoy the silence and their refreshing waters.
Less than 10 minutes by car, is the town of Baiona, enclave historically, with its incredible strength that you can walk and enjoy its many nooks and wonderful views of the Islands Cíes.
Don’t miss the calm and crystal clear beaches of Ladeira (4 km), ducks (7 km) and playa America (5 km), with its beautiful promenade of Panxón. Here you can take to look from one of their terraces at the edge of the sea of the spectacular sunsets that exist in Galicia.

Other beautiful and interesting places:

A Guarda 30 km

El Rosal 25 km

Tui 35 km

Portugal 35 Km

Vigo 20 km

Pontevedra 40 Km

Santiago de Compostela 90 km

Ourense 120 Km