From the farm house San Lourenzo, we recommend that you know the environment that surrounds it because it will not leave you indifferent. The Cíes Islands, Baiona, Cape Sillero, the monastery of Santa María de Oia, the Sierra da Groba, the mirador de la Virgen da Roca… There are countless places that will surprise you by its scenic beauty and its history.
With many centuries of antiquity, Cies Islands make up one of the most beautiful and natural places. Its wide Beach, of more than 1 km in length, is regarded as one of the best in the world and its crystal clear waters make it a unique setting. You can take boat trips and discover firsthand what this natural park hidden.
Enjoy beautiful beaches of white sand less than 8Km from our hotel, Playa America, Ladeira, Riveira, ducks and more… and its spectacular coves with crystal clear waters.

Nabia Naviera
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Baiona’s village has an huge wealth in civil buildings, mainly mansions and emblazoned houses. We can outstand only a few of them like the House Cadaval, the House of Correa and Araujo or the House Celta. Do not hesitate in visitting the Tourist Office of Baiona for futher information

Tourist Office of Baiona
Paseo de la Ribera, s/n
Telephone: 986 687 067
Mail: oficinadeturismo@baiona.org
Web: www.baiona.org

The municipality of Baiona has a wealth in civilian heritage, mainly pazos and emblazoned houses. In this regard, highlights enclaves like the Casa Cadaval, belt and Araujo’s house or the Celtic House. Do not hesitate to go to the tourist office in Bayonne to know the main points of interest.

La Pedalería
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Balloon rides are an adventure and an unrepeatable sensation that you will never forget. In this web page you will find all the information to enjoy balloon trips in Vigo and surroundings.

Vigo Globo
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Santiago ‘s Portuguese Way along the coast
This route of pilgrimage had great importance in the middle ages and was used by pilgrims from the Western lands of Portugal. The Portuguese coastal road consists of 147 km of travel that the Pilgrim will have to make from A Guarda to Santiago de Compostela.
In Liverpool, the Portuguese route along the coast, Walker offers varied landscapes: from the mountains of Baredo passing through the roads of the District of Antón, the narrow streets of the old town, in the Centre of Baiona, or the ancient Royal Road that links O Burgo and Santa Cristina until you reach A Ramallosa Romanesque bridge. How not, is the sea always very present throughout the tour.
At this point in the road between Baiona and the Ramallosa bridge, the Ponte vella on the rio da Groba and opposite market Sabaris the road that climbs to Belesar. After 5 kilometers you can enjoy our facilities.